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Cardinal Newman newspaper highlights student success

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The Cardinal Newsman?

Created this year by students at Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School, the Cardinal Newsman is a newspaper designed to promote a number of student achievements while sharing the talents of its contributors.

"I am passionate about sharing news stories and it is amazing to be able to share that with others while also reporting on people and events that are happening within the school community," says Editor-in-Chief and Grade 12 student Kevin Geenen.

Under the direction of Teacher Advisor Vanessa Georgiades, the paper is predominately run by 15-20 dedicated students, including Olivia Alberton, Shannon Domladovac, and Nevada Graci who manage the popular advice column, "Ask Roseanne."

"We have also been working closely with Mrs. [Cynthia] Penich's Writer's Craft classes as one of the assignments is to write a news article about a school event so we publish a lot of those articles as well," Geenen adds.

The newspaper is created in Adobe InDesign, a program professionals in the industry use, however Geenen emphasizes that no prior knowledge is needed and anyone is welcome to submit articles, photographs, and ideas.

"People have the opportunity to try new things and hopefully learn from their experiences," he says.

Seven editions of the paper were released during the school year, and were made available free of charge in the library or through teacher distribution.

While Geenen will be attending post-secondary next year, he's confident in his team to carry the paper forward and expand its readership.

"We hope to have a web presence," he says. "We also want the newspaper to be more interactive next year, for example, including something like a caption contest."

To view the latest issue, please click the PDF file below.

Cardinal Newman newspaper highlights student success