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Principal's Message
Principal's Welcome Message

Principal's Welcome Message

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman said, "To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often." From this quote comes our school motto: To Grow is to Change. No truer words could be spoken to describe the transformation that we hope will take place in our students during their tenure at Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School.

As a school, our expectation is that our students will push themselves to grow academically, spiritually, athletically and artistically. We offer a wide array of courses, programs, clubs, and teams which I truly believe will meet the varied interests of all students. It is up to each student to find something that excites them.

This is where this school website comes in. This easy to use resource is available to provide pertinent information to all members of our school community. If something is happening at CN the chances are very good that it is advertised on this site!

Students please look for ways to get involved in the life of our school. Your involvement not only allows you to develop more fully as a person but your contributions help make our school a better place. Additionally, parents/guardians, please use this website to find the information that you will need to remain involved in your child’s education throughout their high school years.

Our skills and talents are God's gift to us; how we use these skills and talents is our gift to God.


Dean DiFrancesco