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Year-End Video Crew
About the Year-End Video Crew

About the Year-End Video Crew

What started out as a class of grade twelve students working on a video production assignment quickly snowballed into an idea which would change the way Cardinal Newman looks at year-end videos for years to come. It all began in the grade twelve communications technology class with the idea of creating a feature film. With a movie idea which had only the boundaries of the mind, the storyline took off in directions no one could have predicted. The club was resurrected after years of absence. The club consisted of a group of talented and enthusiastic people who brought forth individual ideas of how to produce the best possible year-end film. The long hours and heated debates finally paid off when the screen went black and the credits began to roll as the nearly full gymnasium roared with applause and standing ovation at the end of the film. The year-long experience of working with a group of talented students throughout the production process will leave lasting memories on each member of the crew. The idea was complex, the hours hard, but the memories will last a lifetime.

The following year, after the re-imagining of Christopher Nolan's "Inception" in the 2010-2011 school year, several students of Cardinal Newman wanted to be a part of the next "Year-End Video" production. For the first time, Studio 122 Productions opened its doors to everyone and anyone interested in film. During the September 2011 Activities Fair, students gathered around the "Year-End Video" table to join the crew, Soon, the remaining four members of the original crew were joined by over 30 enthusiastic, talented students, ready to dabble into all areas of the production process. With meetings and film shoots almost every day after school, the "Year-End Video" crew officially became a club at Cardinal Newman under the new studio name "Piro Pictures", in memory of late communications technology teacher, Mr. Gianfranco Piro.

"Apex Predator" (2011-2012)

Watch Cardinal Newman's film "Apex Predator" at the following link:

Film Synopsis: Mind-reading. Invisibility. Teleportation. Fire manipulation. Super strength. What do these five things have in common? They represent the super powers of five Cardinal Newman students, each from a different walk of life. When strange events start happening around the school [teachers and students changing, disappearing] the five students come together as heroes with one common purpose: to strike down evil within their school. "Apex Predator" follows the lives of these heroes, as they discover the truth about this evil, and develop their abilities far enough to defeat it.

-Adrian Gentili (Director)
-Nicholas Grguric (Director of Photography)
-Shayne Allum (Producer)
-Robert Lamanes (Sound Coordinator)
*Full credits found at the end of the film*

Starring: Michael Kerr, Julian Blasioli, Adriana Skender, Justin Messier, Justin Gill, Justin Satosek.

"Inception" (2010-2011)

Watch Cardinal Newman's film "Inception" at the following link:

Film Synopsis: Dominic Cobb, a grade 12 student, has detention for the rest of the month. He has been given an opportunity to redeem himself: Successfully complete Inception on grade 12 student, Markus Kohen. The idea? "I don't want to regret my high school years." Follow Cobb and his team as they travel 3 dream levels deep into the mind of a Cardinal Newman student. Downwards is the only way forwards, the clock is grow is to change.

Cast and Crew:
-Adrian Gentili
-Shayne Allum
-Anthony Sardo
-Nicholas Grguric
-Joseph Elshamy
-Greg Campbell
-Emily Qu
-Robert Lamanes
-Justin Gill
-Oliver O'Brien
-Brandon Parry
-Mr. Gravina
-Mr. Ciprietti
-Ms. Stoikos
-Miss D'Elia